Using Internote

For help with the normal operation of Internote, check out the sidebar.

Reporting Bugs & Requesting Features

Please email all experiences with Internote to:

matty_is_a_geek AT fastmail DOT fm

Please check the known bug and limitation lists in the relevant release notes before reporting.

If you're submitting a bug, there is a way to quickly and easily obtain important information that can help diagnose the problem. Simply use the "Report Bug" dialog on the Internote menus.

Please provide detailed and clear explanations of bugs and limitations, as this will help me to quickly improve the product for you. If you wish to learn more about writing good bug reports that help get the problem solved, check out this page.

Localizations are maintained on the Babelzilla site. If you're interested in localizing Internote to your language, you can create an account there. Please contact me if an existing but inactive maintainer is preventing any work being done.

Upgrading from Internote2

Internote2 works only on Firefox2, whereas Internote3 works on Firefox3 or later. This means you may want to upgrade both at once. To upgrade, there are three basic options:

If you simply upgrade your browser and the Internote extension, Internote3 should automatically convert your old notes to its new format and immediately work.

If you are copying your Firefox2 profile into a fresh Firefox3 install, the same applies.

If you are starting a new Firefox profile, you should install Internote3, then go to the manage notes dialog, and choose "Import > From InternoteV2 ..." from the actions menu. Now just find your old stickies file (which exists in the chrome subdirectory of the Firefox2 profile).

Working Around Bugs

As with any product you might occasionally encounter a bug that makes it difficult to continue. Internote3 works well for many people, but a small number of people have encountered bugs, which are in the process of being stamped out.

In particular, if you encounter a problem that causes your notes to work when the page loads, but stop working when you later do a specific action, you may be able to work around the problem by changing to another tab and back again. This will recreate the note interface and might allow you to continue.

Even if this works for you, it is still strongly suggested that you report the bug as described above so that the product can be improved.

Technical Details of Note Storage

Internote3 stores all notes in an custom XML file called internote-storage.xml, replacing Internote2's stickies file. This file will be stored in your profile directory unless you choose an alternative location in Internote's options.

To find your profile directory, enter about:support as your browser location, and then click "Profile Directory - Open Containing Folder".

It is not recommended that you attempt to change this file outside of Internote, unless you are fully familiar with XML and Internote's features, and even then only when Firefox is not running. You may copy this file (or use Internote's export feature), and then import it into another Firefox profile running Internote, using the import feature in the manage notes dialog.

Whenever you change your notes in Internote, the old file will be moved to internote-backup.xml, in case writing the new storage file fails.