3.0beta3 Release Notes

It would be appreciated if you took a few minutes to fill out the Internote3 prerelease survey once you have used Internote3.

Previous Version - 3.0Beta2 Release Notes

About Internote3beta3

The 3.0beta3 release fixes bugs, polishes the user interface, and cleans up the internals of beta2. It will likely be the last major beta release of Internote, which will shortly get translated.

Internote should now work on Windows, Mac and Linux. However, please note that running Internote on Linux with Firefox4 betas before beta7 will probably not display notes correctly. Linux users should stick to Firefox3.6 or earlier, or Firefox4.0beta7 or later.

New Features Beta2 → Beta3

Bug Fixes Beta2 → Beta3

Interface Changes Beta2 → Beta3

About Internote3

This rewrite of the Internote extension was created by Matthew Tuck, based on Tim Horton's Internote2, over the space of a year.

It is released free of charge, and licensed under the GNU GPLv2 (General Public License) which gives you the right to use, modify and redistribute the software. See the license and your favourite friendly neighbourhood copyright lawyer for more details.

Thank you to all testers, and hopefully we can get this software ready for wider release quickly.

Please note the following before installing this software:

Reporting Bugs, Limitations, Regressions and Experiences

Please email all experiences with the beta version to matty_is_a_geek AT fastmail DOT fm.

Please check the known bug and limitation lists (below) before reporting.

If you're submitting a bug, there is a way to quickly and easily obtain important information that can help diagnose the problem. Simply use the "Report Bug" dialog on the Internote menus.

Please provide detailed and clear explanations of bugs and limitations, as this will help me to quickly improve the product for you. If you wish to learn more about writing good bug reports that help get the problem solved, check out this page.

Of Particular Interest to Test

While I appreciate all areas of testing, and am interested in hearing about all experiences with this software, I am particularly interested in the following:

What's New in Internote3

Internally Internote3 is a complete rewrite which should be easier to fix and extend. The rewrite includes, but isn't limited to, the following:

Known Bugs in the Current Version

Known Display Bugs for Versions of Firefox before 4.0beta7

All of these bugs will not occur for users of Firefox 4.0beta7 or later.

Known Limitations in the Current Version

••••• That's all folks! •••••