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Internote 3.0beta1 out. August 12, 2010 No Comments

Internote 3.0beta1 was recently released.  This adds new features (including V3 format import/export, new scrollbars, and the ability to specify what pages your note appears on) as well as fixing some bugs in alpha2. Check out the 3.0 info page for more details.

Internote 3.0alpha1 out … July 19, 2010 No Comments

Internote3 is a complete rewrite of Internote from the bottom up.  New features, better operation … Internote reborn. The current alpha version is not ready for mass consumption yet – it probably has many many rough edges, and given its limited testing so far, it’s entirely possible it won’t even work for you, but if [...]

Internote 2.1.1 October 21, 2006 4 Comments

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Internote 2.1 Released August 12, 2006 3 Comments

Get it while it’s hot! This version fixes many (if not all) of the bugs people have been reporting. It also comes with the much-requested export feature (accessible from the manager) and numerous other small changes (for example, the option to be asked before deleting a note, or the ability to store notes wherever you [...]

2.0.5 – A Slight Update June 27, 2006 12 Comments

Hi, all! Here’s 2.0.5 for you all – it’s up on AMO, and it’s full of tiny little bugfixes. This version allows you to choose multiple notes to delete or to print, by control-clicking multiple notes in the Manager. (Command-click on Mac OS X) It also fixes some issues with sidebars and positioning when creating [...]

Two Point Oh – Just the Beginning January 29, 2006 Comments Off

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