Internote 2.1 Released August 12, 2006

Get it while it’s hot!

This version fixes many (if not all) of the bugs people have been reporting. It also comes with the much-requested export feature (accessible from the manager) and numerous other small changes (for example, the option to be asked before deleting a note, or the ability to store notes wherever you would like).

Hopefully this release goes better than the last – if not, feel free to email me at!

brecht August 13th, 2006

great update, especialy the “confirm deletion” option is much appreciated. I see however one huge drawback, in the “specify locaton” feature wich I very much looked forward to but now find completely unusable: specifying a new location makes the already existing notes go away! is there any way to move these notes to the new location as a feature, or at least give the location where they were previously stored (searched but can’t find it) so I could manualy move them? help would be much appreciated. Anyhow, it remains a top noch extention, and I commend you for that. greetz and keep up the good work

Teleute August 15th, 2006

Re. comment above, I had exactly the same problem as you with all my notes vanishing (and had also been looking forward to the location feature as well!). Luckily I had chosen the export option just before I changed ‘specify location’, so I don’t know if the following will help you or not…

When I created a new note I noticed the filename in the new “specify location” folder was “stickies”, so I just found the file I had exported and renamed it as stickies. Voila, my old notes returned! I guess that doesn’t help if you didn’t export them beforehand, BUT maybe they were called “stickies” whereever they were stored before? Good luck, I know the air turned blue when I thought I’d lost all mine!! :)

five_fingers October 18th, 2006

I seem to be experiencing some sort of glitch. Every page that I visit now has a blank note on it. I delete these, but they return with every visit to that page.

Also, all the note information has disappeared from the Internote Manager, although the notes still show up at the appropriate pages (along with a new blank note).

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