Internote 2.1 is Coming… July 19, 2006

After a bit of work, 2.1 is almost ready. I’ve fixed a good number of bugs (a very large number, actually). The most important is – no more memory leaks! That’s right – Internote, unlike many other Firefox extensions, has no major memory leaks.

Also – I’m sad to report that I had to pull the animation code. Too many people complained about it, and it was causing far too many problems compared to its value (really… who cares? if anyone does – let me know!). So – no more animations!

New to this version:

* the Export feature. You can export to Text/HTML/’Bookmarks’ (the standard Netscape Bookmark file) as well as a normal Internote file (a good way to backup Internote)

* the option to have your notes save to any location; for example: you could place the Internote save file in a folder that is consistently backed up, for security’s sake – I’m sure other people will come up with better uses for this

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WC Leung July 20th, 2006

No constant Javascript warnings too!

Just here to propose the use of a bug tracker (e.g. sf bug tracker) … so other people can have an idea how many bugs you have fixed. :-)

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