2.0.5 – A Slight Update June 27, 2006

Hi, all!

Here’s 2.0.5 for you all – it’s up on AMO, and it’s full of tiny little bugfixes.

This version allows you to choose multiple notes to delete or to print, by control-clicking multiple notes in the Manager. (Command-click on Mac OS X)

It also fixes some issues with sidebars and positioning when creating a new note, as well as issues when selecting and dragging a note, and adds an option (in Internote preferences) to change the font size for all notes.

I’m not sure what I’m planning for the next major release (I’ve heard numerous suggestions to do some sort of completely optional social stickynote system – I’ll look at it, but don’t expect this to come quickly – I don’t want to release it until it’s perfect!), but the next few small releases are going to be small, full of bugfixes (if you guys send me reports!) and small new features, nothing major.

I’ve heard that Tabbrowser Extensions is causing problems with Internote – I’m looking into it, and hope to get that fixed for the next release.

Greg June 27th, 2006

I absolutely love your work, this has become a MUST extension for me now. I was wondering however, is it at all possible to setup notes within framed pages, so that if you go back to the particular frame the note will be there, but not on the rest of the site?

I have looked through prefs and not seen such an option, thus why I am commenting here. Thats the only thing I can see it currently lacking, other than that it certainly is a must have extension! Great work!

WC Leung June 29th, 2006

If you have a list of suggestion, pls post it in the blog. I think we can help by discussing and setting up priorties for implementing the features.

BTW, in my opinion, there should be a way to prevent accidental erasing of the notes. In some advanced sticky system (e.g. Stickies v5.2b) it is possible to undelete notes. But to make it easy to write the codr, just a small message to confirm erasure is enough.

Brian June 30th, 2006

Social notes would be huge for me and my web design team.

Patrice June 30th, 2006

Real great job ! I love it and talk about it.
I confirm the problem with tab extension… big crash ! (I got MiniT+, colorful tabs & tab preview, who is the suspect ??)
Useful and fun !

Raziel July 1st, 2006

Hi! First of all let me thank you for this extremly handy extension!

but heres a serious bug:
unicode characters (like é É á ú ű ő Ő etc.) messes up stickies file with a bunch of 2 byte (4-5 bytes at upper case letters) charcode, it saves them but shows ? or random stuff on sticky. My stickies file reached 50MB! of size, so browser dont answer than crashed. Heres a shot of whats in (49,9MB)http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/236/internote2bytebug4az.jpg
Cost to 20 minutes to defragment it with a hexa editor with automatic search and replace to original 2,5KB lol!

Thanx your work! Ill be back with some other improvements later.

WC Leung July 2nd, 2006

I use Tab Mix Plus, and so far have no problem w/ Internote.

But I also got a large stickies files w/ the Unicode stickies. Seems to be a bad API call.

William O'Flaherty July 2nd, 2006

I use Tab Mix Plus and am having problems. I had just upgraded to the latest version, HOWEVER, the problem didn’t start to happen UNTIL I went to the Internote Manager. After doing that the manager no longer lists the notes I have and every time I go to a tab it wants be to put a note on it. That is, the blank note appears without me requesting it.

All that aside, I LOVE the program. I only started using it recently and don’t think I loss any notes and look forward to the next bug fix.

Raziel July 9th, 2006

Hi again! I’ve just lost the notes full written with bugfixes cause i hit that x. Grrrrr… But i remember one: if i press the add note again and again, appear-animation gets slower and slower. Maybe a var needs a reset after animate or i donno. A hide note function should be lovely too ^.^ avoid accidental closes or a “rapidglueit” to disable close button :D . Alternative for 2byte bug(i wrote before): when get text parse it whith regexp to not allow these chars to save, or change it to its accentless version.
I’m in making some little improvements and HU translation, will post it soon.

JBM July 11th, 2006

Need help for this extension to work in the Firefox version 2 beta

Ben Winden July 15th, 2006

Internotes is a great extension, but I agree with Raziel that some disable function would be nice. Internotes somewhat slows down the browser, and for most bookmarks/websites I don’t need Internotes.
Of course you can easily disable/enable Internotes in the statusbar, but you have no visual clue in which modus it is.
I use Internotes without problems in combination with Tab Mix Plus in Firefox, and also without problems in Flock.

iztok July 18th, 2006

First: thank you for wonderful extension. I’m not sure if this small feature has been suggested to you, but I think it would be great …

For example: I use Internote with a dynamic (PHP) page. The URL-s are GET based, so: http://www.mypage.com and http://www.mypage.com?page=1 aren’t treated as the same page . Alas, extension doesn’t recognize those two urls as the same one, but in fact, for me, they are.

So, I recommend an option to set just a base URL to be treated as the same, even if it is followed with dir path and variables. For example: you can add http://www.somepage.com/* in Internote manager to accomplish this.

Thanx again,

iztok July 18th, 2006

Ups, sorry for prv. msg. The feature in question is allready there … Thanx.

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