What Can I Do with Internote?

Internote is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to create sticky notes on webpages, which will be there when you return. Your notes are stored on your computer so they are private.
Notes can be edited, moved, resized, recolored and minimized.
You can also change the set of pages where they appear, so they'll appear on a set of pages, a site, or everywhere.
Unlike some other sticky note extensions, Internote puts your notes in a separate layer over the webpage, and not the webpage itself. This is essential to protect your privacy, as otherwise the webpage could access your notes and transmit them off your computer.
You can also manage all of your notes in a separate dialog, letting you import, export, print or delete some or all at once. You can also search for your note if you don't know what page it's on.
Internote has a clean, pleasant interface, and various preferences that let you customize its operation to your taste.
Currently there are localizations available for French, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian, and hopefully more will become available soon. If you'd like to help, check out Babelzilla.

About Internote3

Tim Horton wrote the original Internote, and versions up to 2.1.
After a lull in development, Matthew Tuck rewrote it to become Internote version 3.
New Features: Notes can now be minimized to be bottom of the screen, and you can now choose which set of pages a note appears on.
An Improved Look: A new note interface, a new visually-consistent scrollbar, full translucency (you can now see notes under notes), and new note animations.
More Robust: Old bugs are fixed, changes to notes are now reflected everywhere immediately, crash protection to prevent you losing notes, reduced potential for conflicts with other extensions, and a stronger framework to work off in future.
Better Management: You can now see create and modification dates, perform all actions on sets of notes, and import old Internote2 stickies files.
More Extendable: Internote's new internals and file format have been designed to be easily extendable, so it can be easily improved in future!